War Thunder=Frustrating

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The only problem with War Thunder is that the game goes from being outrageously fun to being outrageously frustrating, often within the same session. This is a game of rare beauty and grace, it is pure breathtaking when soaring over the mountains and the pacific! The first person view really makes this game seem very realistic, like I am actually sitting in the cockpit taking on the enemies. This game forces the player to use air tactics and maneuvers to avoid being shot down. This is a very difficult but also satisfying game to play, one minute I want more of the game and to see what’s next, then the next I want to break my screen. The most fun part about this game is that there are various missions, missions containing escorting ships to certain places. This is more story-based which I love! This game is very difficult, but once figured out the players game experience cannot be beat!

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