Get Off My Lawn!!!!

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The general theme of this game is retiree Murray Mendelson single-handedly taking on swarms and waves of aliens that land in his yard. I would have never thought that such a simple styled game could get so addicting. I absolutely love just taking the heads off of these zombies when they approach Mr. Mendelson! The starting weapon of the game is an old-timey musket that fires direct damage at the aliens. There can be other weapons purchased within the game with orbs, orbs are collected when each alien dies they drop orbs. Larger foes that are defeated drop orbs of higher value than those of normalcy. The game ends when the porch has obtained damage and collapses and gives the aliens a chance to abduct Murray. I think this game is really awesome, all the way from the little details like the name of the character that is hilarious to the killing of these atrocious aliens, it can get very addicting!

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