War of Gems

Gems of War is a match 3/battle game. Gems of War is well thought out, well written, and offers tons to do. It has a cost of entry which is hilarious because it is a free-to-play game, how ironic is that? This game lacks the stamina that other games of its kind have, meaning that the stamina or lives that these games usually have this game lacks stamina in this case. Stamina and lives refill over time but you also have the choice to pay to speed things up with hard currency, but only a real hardcore gamer would do that! In contrast Gems of War charges gold for every match played. One can earn gold in small increments in victories and also given in the towns that you liberate. All-in-all I think that it is a very detailed game to play, if I knew every single little detail an played it constantly I could see this game being very addicting.

Baseball cards

Alright, so I have taken Dr. Dikkers advice from last Tuesday and I am  in the process of designing my baseball playing cards. I know that this process is going to be very long because I am going to have to get a lot of knowledge about the game of baseball and not just the stuff that I already know. I am very excited to see how fluent or non-fluent my game will be while play testing. When Dr. Dikkers and myself were talking last week we were discussing how my game isn’t really a game about winning, it’s more of a game for everybody to laugh and have fun so basically a party game. There are going to be some new additions to the game that were also brought up that I think will definitely bring the game to life! Time to see how it plays out is soon to come!

Street Talk

In my trivia card game there will be vocabulary that the players will have to know such as ball, strike, home-run. The vocabulary in the game really is simple for someone who is not familiar with baseball. As said in one of my recent posts I am going to be having different levels of difficulty varying in how familiar the player is with the sport, therefore for a particular player who is new to baseball they can choose a card from the beginner level deck with easy vocabulary. For a more experienced player they can choose a card from the hardcore deck which may have question such as” what was Roger Clemens ERA in 2001?”. The more experienced players in the game will of course have harder vocabulary for the harder leveled cards. I am now trying to discover how I can intrigue a person that who is not familiar with the sport and bring them into playing my game and for them to actually be able to know what I am trying to imply with my beginner cards.

The Fun

The fun emerges in my topic when I really get to express my knowledge for the love of the game of baseball. I am going to do something along the lines of like a Hoopla with a twist with knowledge. With people familiar with baseball players, stadiums, famous plays, and well-known games it should be a breeze. The game will bring fun when you have to act out who you might be, describe yourself but without telling exactly who you are.

The playful part of my game is going to be the humor, the humor is going to bring the game alive by reaching out and grabbing the players attention. The humor is going to occur when the players start acting out and describing who they are, which ballpark, what famous play that they drew from the deck. For a player in the game not very familiar with baseball, don’t panic! There are going to be different levels of hardness within the game, for hardcore baseball people they can draw from the hardcore deck that will be a much tougher aspect to act out or describe. All together the game is very friendly to all people who want to play!


Team Fortress 2 is a very fun animated shooter/killer game. TF2 is a very strategic and thought based game, therefore needing much thought for what actions might be taken to assure that you will not die! The game is a multiplayer based game featuring two teams that really “fight until the death”. there are various types of game-play, such as stealing the briefcase which is similar to capture the flag with the same idea of stealing the other teams briefcase and trying to obtain it.

The game-play is very unique with the different kinds of weapons to the different characters and the roles that they all play. TF2 does not have a story line, however it does have characters and the characters have different roles in combat which they all vary with the character. Me personally I like to shoot so I like being on defense and having the upper hand when someone comes to steal my briefcase!There is much teamwork needed in playing TF2 which isn’t a problem just as long as everyone does their part. I think that it can be a very addictive but also frustrating game when played excessively. All-In-All it is a very fun game that I enjoy just because I like to shoot things and people and for being an animated game it is very exceptional!

The Start

So I have been contemplating on a topic for my game and I know that it is going to do with baseball but I don’t know of a direction from there. I have something in mind like a guessing game of knowledge for people familiar with baseball, such as players, famous plays, games and so on. I was also thinking that I could possibly imply ideas from Hoopla as a potential idea but I am still debating on a legit set main idea.

I am thinking that if I just start throwing out ideas and start putting everything together that eventually I will create something that is understandable and also playable. Who knows, maybe my game will be the next generation of Hoopla but with a little baseball twist to it!

Blog Post II, Farming

Justin Pitts

Course Description:

Engagement is a must in learning for me! In class we are encouraged to be engaged by playing games and communicating with our teammates to have a beneficial turnout. All of the engagements in class show that it is better to learn by game-based theory. Being able to use smartphones and laptops help obtain visual pictures of what we are learning.

Course Rationale:

Being able to use technology such as phones and computers enable us to run virtual communication, participate in the social world and so much more! In the past years from my personal experience, sitting behind a desk and listening to  a teacher stand there and point and ask if you understand is extraordinarily boring! Having the advantage to learn with games and technology has improved and gone hand-in-hand with engagement. We have played Cards Against Humanity and also communicated with our peers through making a web domain of our own, Therefore giving each one of us the interest in doing our work.

Game-Based Techniques (Gamification)

My parents use to always tell me that playing my games all the time was going to kill my brain. From what I have learned from watching the Ted Talk in class is that eventually our businesses, education, advertising and culture will eventually be game-based. If we can get gaming into a way of teaching and learning than I am almost certain that grades all together would sky-rocket! If learning now with textbooks and lecturing was as easy as memorizing the button layout,  the success rate in schools would increase dramatically!

Game of School

Justin Pitts

blog post 1

Growing up in school I was always the person not to be very fond of learning, I was more of a socializer and athlete. My teachers would inspire me to learn and sometimes I would just pretend like I was interested or that I was actually learning. In the times of pretending to be interested I wasn’t actually not interested, there was a part of me deep down inside that actually obtained the information that was being given to me. I guess you could say that I learned when I wanted to, I was definitely a cherry-picker! The most interesting thing to me in school was anything that had to do with being competitive and winning, which was sports.

Later on down the road once I was in high school this thing called “reality” hit me and it was time to “make it or break it”. I was at a time where all that all the information I had stored up inside had to reveal itself and apply it to what mattered now. Once in high school the whole college thing began to come into the picture and the competitiveness for getting into college really occurred to me it was similar to the competitiveness of playing sports. I began to get competitive with my GPA and my class ranking and it started to show that hard work pays off. Now the game of school plays a big role in my life, it’s the ultimate “make it or break it!”

justin pitts


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