Farewell Folks

It has been a great journey in this class with all of you guys. I never would have thought that a college course could be so much fun, but I was fooled. I have been able to make friends with what seems to me brilliant people and nice people whom are willing to help in any situation. This is me saying so long to part play,”and may the odds be ever in your favor!”

Expansion pack: Maker Monday

It has been very beneficial to go to Maker Monday during the night and be able to have the help of fellow classmates. Having their help on ideas and getting their opinion on things has helped out tremendously in the long run. I encourage anyone in the future that takes this class to use Maker Monday to their advantage if the time is open!

Expansion Pack: 10 Tips

Tips for a good game!

1. Pick a good topic and stick with it

2. Do research on the topic of your choice and obtain facts

3. Imply the research into a more simple way of understanding it for people whom aren’t familiar

4. Start to develop a game board

5. Associate the research to your game and how it will fit in

6. Start to play test your game and play it thoroughly

7. Notice things that could be changed for the better and then go back and change them

8. Get others to play test your game

9. Take the ideas of the ones who play test your game and then interpret the new ideas to help players into your game

10. Have a successful game

Bringing Back the Recon

When younger I use to love waking up every morning on the weekends so that I could play Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon game. Now I am waking up to also playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon game in college. This game did not disappoint me knowing my expectations for it before playing the game. Ghost Recon Phantoms offers players the ability to choose between three different classes of Ghost, customize their weapons, deploy cutting-edge military technology, and share intel with their team. The third person gameplay in this game brings a certain difficulty to the game for players that haven’t played in third person warfare games before. My very first time playing Ghost Recon I had so much trouble trying to kill an enemy from third person! When playing the game there are numerous deficiencies that an enemy can use to try and get an advantage on you like the microwave device which blurs the screen and makes you feel cheated. The  picture of the game was really nice and it reminded me of when I use to play it on my console. I loved playing this game and seeing how the game transformed from a console game to a PC game, that being said it changed for the good!

War Thunder=Frustrating

The only problem with War Thunder is that the game goes from being outrageously fun to being outrageously frustrating, often within the same session. This is a game of rare beauty and grace, it is pure breathtaking when soaring over the mountains and the pacific! The first person view really makes this game seem very realistic, like I am actually sitting in the cockpit taking on the enemies. This game forces the player to use air tactics and maneuvers to avoid being shot down. This is a very difficult but also satisfying game to play, one minute I want more of the game and to see what’s next, then the next I want to break my screen. The most fun part about this game is that there are various missions, missions containing escorting ships to certain places. This is more story-based which I love! This game is very difficult, but once figured out the players game experience cannot be beat!

Get Off My Lawn!!!!

The general theme of this game is retiree Murray Mendelson single-handedly taking on swarms and waves of aliens that land in his yard. I would have never thought that such a simple styled game could get so addicting. I absolutely love just taking the heads off of these zombies when they approach Mr. Mendelson! The starting weapon of the game is an old-timey musket that fires direct damage at the aliens. There can be other weapons purchased within the game with orbs, orbs are collected when each alien dies they drop orbs. Larger foes that are defeated drop orbs of higher value than those of normalcy. The game ends when the porch has obtained damage and collapses and gives the aliens a chance to abduct Murray. I think this game is really awesome, all the way from the little details like the name of the character that is hilarious to the killing of these atrocious aliens, it can get very addicting!